Every day is a new adventure...

Oh, like the love of a father through the eye of a camera,
It's this picture I have seen,
We're on a sloping hill of green,
And you are walking there next to me.
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United States Coast Guard,
Health Services Technician,
Christopher Newport University.
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Memorial Day

Thomas John Whited
United States Navy

Edgar Allen Montgomery
2 Bronze Stars
United States Army

William “Bill” Montgomery
9 Purple Hearts
Guadalcanal among various other conflicts.
United States Marine Corps.

I love you, and will forever miss you.


"Here rests in honored glory AN AMERICAN SOLDIER known but to God."

"I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God, and in the United States of America. "

Tomb of the Unknowns

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, Virginia

Always classy.

Damn proud

Grand Teton Mountains

You may now call me HS3


I’ve been in the Coast Guard for a whole year.


About that time to put my crows on!

My outline, then color. I love it.

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